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Comment: "There is no "god" that will

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"There is no "god" that will

"There is no "god" that will send you to hell, but there IS a government that wants you to behave when it's not around ....hence the idea of the "god" and why the government promotes religion."

The conclusion does not follow from the premises.

But hey, who cares? If you do not believe in God, no worries. Behave however you like while Uncle Sam is preoccupied. What skin is it off your nose?

I think it is high time we discuss a little history in these assumptions parading as facts. Does it ever occur to those who denounce religious convictions that much of Western history has been influenced by Christian teaching, and yet the history of the West is replete with revolution and continual striving towards reforms. Ever heard of the Magna Carta? What about the Protestant Reformation? This sort of post reminds me of something GK Chesterton wrote. He said the next best thing to being inside Christendom, was to be outside of it. By this he meant that the most ridiculous critics of Christianity are those too stupid to realize how they have benefited from the influences of Christianity upon the very culture they live within. He thought it would be easier to appreciate the cultural benefits of Christianity from afar, within a culture untouched by it.