Comment: The House wins. But what did they win?

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The House wins. But what did they win?

Besides a bad reputation.?

...MA State Delegate...
.Elected but rejected?.

Someone goes to a restaurant and gets sick. Who would not warn their fiends?

However, your local District elected you to serve as their national delegate. Yay!

How many national delegates did Ron Paul get in 2008. How many liberty loving, Constitution abiding national delegates were there in 2004.

But I will tell you what I need. I need to hear stories of success and failures, of those who dared. Neither can be achieved without sacrifice.

Dr Paul sacrificed a profession he loved, for what?

Just to let me know that it's not about winning, but it's about how you play the game? I wonder, what's the game? Spreading the message?

I think about all the people that have set this good example and shared it with me. At convention a good example can be seen by anyone who can see.

Those at convention, need to see a good example of liberty and justice more than I.

Will anybody remember my name tag with the picture of Reagan and Ron Paul laughing and talking. Will they remember the tagline... "Rx Prescription for prosperity". Will they remember that I was smiling and enthusiastic for Dr. Paul. That I listened and even agreed, or agreed to disagree. Who knows?

Should I dare stand for liberty and justice. Where should I stand and how and why?

Free includes debt-free!