Comment: There are many of you

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There are many of you

who think that Alex was wrong to get in Pier's face the way he did. You think he came off as crazy. It was not the information he provided, but merely the way he delivered it. If you have watched many of the other interviews on Pier's show than you would realize that Alex would not be able to get a word in if he had not spoken the way that he did. Do you realize that this one interview with AJ was the number on Google search for that day? So even the people who didn't tune into the show got to see the exchange on other late night and relevant news shows. These people most likely would not have seen this interview if it was just another boring exchange.

Also, going back to other posts. I also discovered Ron Paul by listening to Alex for over 8 years or so now. There is nothing wrong with him or his show. Every piece of information is linked to the original source and most sources are from the top newspapers and cable news networks. It's just that most of the information is so hard to believe because of how corrupt or tyrannical it is. I can guarantee that I could never see most of this information if it was not compiled for me from all the many sources on a national level and then linked on one page. It's almost the same as going to Drudgereport except for the fact that you have a personality as well as the news.

It's also cool that Drudgreport links to many of infowars articles as well since Drudge pulls in a much larger audience.