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Right, they disobeyed.

Just as Aarons sons who thought it would be a good thing to light the fire when they weren't suppose too. Or the guy who thought he should steady the ark from falling when it was not his place. So is worship that is made up and applied to Him because He has forbidden that also. What we think is good is not always and usually isn't so good after all.

Now don't misconstrue what I have said and let me reiterate. I am not saying there is anything wrong with fasting on days as people may see fit for healing, repentance or other viable reasons. On the contrary I see fasting as edifying and necessary. But to fast in honor of a false doctrine is not so good and should be avoided.

There is a day of fasting called the Day of Atonement which is a 24 hr period that is the tenth day of the seventh Scriptural month in which time no food or drink is ingested, an affliction of the soul. Leviticus chapter 23 gives a summary. Can you tell me where Lent is mentioned in Scripture?

I do not equate this with "legalism" but I do understand and agree with your dislike of arguing grey areas. Though I think that if someone breaks through the grey to see black and white then it should be made known even if not argued.