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I am saying you are TWISTING WORDS

I joined the Libertarian Party in 1976 and was a paying dues member until 1992, followed Ron Paul OUT of that miserable DO NOTHING BUT BLOW MARIJUANA SMOKE OUT THEIR BUTTS PARTY, and went Indy until 2011 when Ron Paul made his SECOND presidential bid. So I voted for Ron Paul in 1988.

I am upset that this headline TWISTS what Rand says in an attempt to smear him. And this is being done by the same old blowing smoke Libertarians who REFUSE to actually make Libertarian issues main stream. Isn't that why you stay in that limp leg of the GOP? It's OK for the LP to nominate GOP that wears a LP pin. It's why I left, why Ron Paul left and why anyone who wants to materialize the issues of the LP LEAVE.

Who is doing more for hemp than anyone? RAND. And he's doing it in the GOP and that BITES the LP blowhards. GOOD.

Grow yourself up and get in the GOP and fight the good fight!