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Comment: I've been following these

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I've been following these

I've been following these cases since 2008, mostly for the historical significance. This one is mostly about the possibility Obama is using a fraudulent social security number and other evidence of alleged illegal activity in becoming the president. It's very interesting. I have seen the various cases shut down one by one, with no legal standing as the main reason. I'm surprised this is being looked at, at all. I also am not holding my breath. I happened to be reading the posts on Dr. Taitz' website the day she found out that Obama's social security number could be fraudulent. I was watching the posts coming on live and couldn't believe what I was reading. Dr. Taitz grew up in Communist Soviet Union (Moldavia) and immigrated to Israel after the fall of the U.S.S.R. I've heard her talk about how she recognizes totalitarians immediately because she grew up in it. I remember her giving an interview one day and saying to Obama indirectly in it, "I know who you are." She met her husband in Israel and they both immigrated to the U.S. She took advantage of the opportunities in this country and became not only a real estate agent and dentist but an attorney as well. Some in the media ridiculed her for this but when you think about, why would it be a bad thing? She grew up in a place that did not have the same opportunities as here and she did what she wanted to. I find it admirable. I wish her the best and hope something comes of this. I heard Dr. Paul talk about the ineligibility issue several years ago and he said that because the founders did not specifically put in the Constitution exactly what "natural born citizen" meant, that issue was probably a moot one. But the case this time is much more in detail with alleged crimes being committed; not just about a birth certificate. Dr. Taitz has been trying to get Obama's files opened since 2008 on not only the certificate but information about what college funding Obama received at Columbia (such as scholarships or loans for foreign students). Read into her cases and the information is fascinating.