Comment: Change.

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Change is NOT playing by a neocon rule book. Messages are being sent. They are being sent to the American people and people around the world.

"IF DIPLOMACY FAILED, all options are on the table."

I will not entertain that reasoning. It has bit us before, and it will bite us again. There are innocent lives at stake. It is past time to grow up and stop playing games. It is past time to take the lead. It is past time to truthfully educate everybody about the truth. It is past time to take our nation back and restore to what is right, and into prosperity.

Do you honestly believe that if Rand IS playing a game of chess, that the neocons do not know this? Do you honestly believe that the neocon statists will magically come around and change their minds and let Liberty win over their objectives?

There are mid-terms coming up. It is time to replace ALL those who oppose Liberty and replace them with VETTED individuals who will represent us with integrity and honesty.

Sorry Granger, but I had to vote your post down :-( Please try to clear your mind and rethink this.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul