Comment: Good luck, Granger!

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Good luck, Granger!

That sounds *long* to me.

I've only fasted on two occasions, for about a week each
time, but found it to be very beneficial on both occasions.

The first time was in Thailand, a structured fast that included
drinking high fiber (psyllium?) drinks (with a small amount of fruit
juice mixed in, colon cleansing and such.

The second was just recently when I got a severe flu (first time in years)
couldn't eat much of anything for about five days. That put me in
the "zone" and seemingly short circuited the craving for potato chips.
cookies and such (and alcohol). So I just continued for a few days
more eating almost nothing, then gradually increased my intake
of "regular" food and staying off alcohol, and nearly all sweets and
junk food.

I've dropped several kilos in the process and feel a lot better in general.

YMMV - but I'm convinced fasting can be beneficial if approached

There is also this to consider:

I'm thinking this might possibly apply to cannabis, turmeric or other such
forms of chemotherapy as well as to conventional chemo.