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The truth (tm). Ah. How

The truth (tm). Ah.

How about you admit you have no idea what happens when you die? Neither you, nor anyone you know has ever been dead and buried before and is now alive to tell you about it. All you have is words from a poorly written collection of fables assembed by VOTE at a council put on by a ruthless Emperor. These jerkoffs couldn't even decide if Jesus was a god or not without a vote, and they almost lost. For 5 hundred years after the council of Niccea, they couldn't even decide if men were born evil or not and were in constant battle over the issue.

These things that you "know" as "Truth" were VOTED on. Would you trust a car whose engineers voted on a problem they disagreed on how to fix? Would you trust your life to technology in which a panel VOTED on wether or not it was safe? Im sorry but more people deciding something is true as opposed to deciding its not true without any evidence one way or the other is not truth. Its ridiculous. And it makes those who believe it without a high amount of healthy doubt very naive.

You don't know dick about whats going to happen when you take your dirt nap any more than anyone else. You believe nonsense because you have a faith-based mind that makes you suspetable myths.

Please refrain from raping the word "truth." Your odds of knowing it are no better than anyone else's.