Comment: IMO, both Pauls coordinated the events of 6/7/12

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IMO, both Pauls coordinated the events of 6/7/12

Ron sent us the email and made the private youtube video telling us that Romney had sewn up the nomination and that he could not win. He suspended the campaign and spent the rest of the time securing delegates for the convention hoping to influence the platform.

That night, Rand endorsed Romney on Fox news for all the typical conservatives to see. I don't know with certainty how it went down, but it looked like a coordinated event by both Ron and Rand to me. I do not believe for one second that Rand would've endorsed Romney without the go ahead from Dad.

I believe Ron's decision to endorse no one in the race was his way of telling us to trust in Rand, and also his way of telling us not to jump into the Libertarian party. Ron knows the LP is hopeless, that's why he came back to the GOP compromising his principles in the process and igniting a rEVOLution in his name.

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