Comment: Trading oil for Uranium when it's for nuclear weapons

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Trading oil for Uranium when it's for nuclear weapons

When trading oil for uranium from China and Russia, with the intention to break the deals Americans made (the good deals, not our shameful mistakes whcih we have made too many) when American people shared their technology, equipment and labor, lifting the ME out of the dark ages, (breaking treaties and deals to steal from Americans is illegal) and then we have to police the world just so we can drive our cars and eat Monsanto, least we become like rural China for the sake of the UN Agenda.

Militas are for what purpose MN? Taking up arms against the government is not an act of war even if for the constitution?

I don't see any "game" Rand is playing. I see Rand as a bridge between what Ron Paul taught us, and what politics is today. We all here acknowledge that we have serious problems with America exchanging our constitution for a UN Agenda.. and yes, people here talk of civil war.. not in those words, but by their actions in collecting guns and ammo to fight the LAO, over constitutional government being lost. That is an act of war too.

Ron Paul did not "work" the machine. He minded his own business and was ignored for years, and how he survived.. that, and he accepted pork. For that was re-elected. He picked the GOP, not me. And his son is bridging the gap diplomatically. He is a great study, no dummy.. and he is what is keeping many of us in the GOP from being cruxified by those who want pre-emptive war and nothing else, constitution be damned.

I completely respect your stand to NEVER made this a Rand Paul blog. I'll even hold you to it. I have no argument with you on that. But I don't appreciate it when you allow and add to Rand bashing that is not honest. Rand did not say Pre-emptive. That is a lie. Rand made it very clear his option is diplomacy and trade, just like his dad.

PS: KNOW my LOVE for you, DP, Liberty, Freedom and Justice will not fade away.