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Comment: I've got 9 chickens and they

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I've got 9 chickens and they

I've got 9 chickens and they have brought us a lot of joy and humor. They sure are smart for such dumb clucks. One of our chickens disappeared for a month and we thought she was lost. Turns out she was under a bush brooding on 20 unfertilized eggs. She would not get off that nest no matter what we did. She was actually dying because she would not get off to eat or drink. So I ordered some fertilized eggs in the mail and got 4 americauna eggs and 4 black copper marans. 6 hatched and that chicken has been such a good mom. Unfortunately the chicks got attacked one night by a predator and only 3 survived. Does anyone know how I can determine if the chicks are male or female? They are a few months old now.