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Iran sells it's oil to Russia and China and India

Iran also trades oil for uranium. Russia, China and India use that oil to build their militaries, which are advancing technologically. We are still ahead.. but if Russia, China and India, with Iran's help, went against the USA, I can't say that we would win. And the USA being #1 makes us a target.

The interesting thing about nukes, such as Israel, is bombing Israel would make that area a grand canyon of black glass, create a nuclear holocast, and fortunately, no one in power wants that.. for now.

Thank you for the last two paragraphs. I am willing to be wrong because I am willing to be educated. I don't have to be right. I will stand for the underdog, like Ron Paul, and now Rand Paul, because I know, many of those who oppose Rand, really oppose the GOP and wished that what Ron Paul did would help their party, truth be damned. This post upset me because it not honest. Rand Paul did not ever say he wanted pre-emptive war. He stated three times he wanted diplomacy and trade, and IF that failed, than all options are on the table. How could they not be?