Comment: I wondered about it too when

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I wondered about it too when

I wondered about it too when I saw her singing at Obama's inauguration. If she were a true Paul supporter, I doubt seriously she would've sung there. She never outright endorsed Paul, but she said she kind of liked what she had heard. Honestly, my first thought was that Obama's people paid her to sing there to upset the Paul people. It would be an attempt to lower our morale (which it didn't work for me). I'm sure they know how much we liked Kelly Clarkson for a short while. If that didn't happen, she probably did it to distance herself from the comments she made about Ron Paul (like you mentioned, liberal "friends" criticizing her for the comments). It was after those comments that her sales skyrocketed. I don't know how well they'll be doing now since she didn't stand on some kind of integrity. Good luck Kelly. I still like your music but I won't be buying anytime soon.