Comment: What do you think about college?

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What do you think about college?

I ask because I feel like my generation has been scammed by the idea that we had to go to college to be anyone important or ever make money. I have been lectured my whole life about how important college was and how much money I would make and how much I would learn in college. I spent two years at a four year university on student loans. I got no scholarships (it's hard for a white male to get help these days) even though some girls I went to HS with were going on full scholarship although they had lower GPA's and ACT scores than me. Simply put, I'd be in school for free if I had a vagina or were a minority race but instead I owe over $30,000 for two years of school that the bank wouldn't give my parent's the loan to finish. It's crazy to me that they would give my family a loan for two years and then cut us off before I had a chance to finish the goal. I now work full time for a local eBay store and go to community college paying out of pocket.

I think I could have done much better for myself getting a job straight out of school and investing in silver. I'd have quite the collection of silver if I had started in the spring of 2009 and I wouldn't owe sally mae anything. I would also have two more years of valuable work experience.

I feel like going to college was the dumbest choice I ever made. I learned a lot in college, a lot about girls, booze, and partying. I didn't learn much about Civil Engineering except that the only jobs would be for the Government and I had to take a bunch of dumb classes irrelevant to my major that just forced me to memorize a bunch of meaningless information before I could actually learn anything.

I also found out that kissing a professor's @$$ can make or break your grade for most classes. I made a C in Literature even though I made an A on the midterm and final(the only two tests the entire semester) and it was because the teacher lowered my grade for "attendance purposes". The real reason he didn't like me was because I didn't buy the new edition of the textbook, I decided to save $150 bucks and buy the older version. I still learned the material, but I pissed off the professor he made sure my grade reflected it. Why did I have to take literature anyways? I wanted to be an engineer, where in the hell would reading Faust come in handy fixing a bridge???

Sorry for the rant but I needed to get that off my chest.

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