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I appreciate your comment and

I appreciate your comment and the information Captain. I am familiar with Zionism, but not familiar with it regarding Germany and WWII. Did you see the video? I think the Rabbi is being sincere in his words and what he believes to be true. He is outwardly calling out Jews in the media that are pushing gun control without respecting their own history. We both agree Jews were not allowed to own guns in Germany. He does not get into Zionism. He may be aware of it also, but I don't think that is his message.

Here is another video regarding a WWII survivor.

I believe there is much more to WWII than meets the eye. The winners of the wars write the history. I think Central Bankers had more involvement in WWII than history books lead us to believe.

I looked at your publication briefly as its late. I will look at it more. Personally, I don't trust big establishment universities curriculum, but look forward to reading it.