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I have taken a deep a breath and decided that we are both right on certain things. Can we not use obama and romney against each other anymore?

As far as riding RP's coat tails, that is what I am expecting all elected to do, no matter what party he/she may belong. If it raises the bar only slightly then it becomes higher than it was previously.

I am hugely disappointed...grassroots pushed for RP to run without support of the establishment (see Ron Paul Recut video). Since then, this grassroots has grown leaps and bounds beyond any other. My hope was that this was out time, and we would continue to grow and prop our own Liberty candidate without relying on establishment to choose for us. It has become obvious to me that this will no longer happen.

TRUE LOVE can take it. Yes, Granger, you are very right and the feeling is mutual :-)

I was going to put something mushy and nice for you (I will make it up to you), but this how I am feeling because of this entire thread:

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul