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Comment: It wasn't that we were allowed

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It wasn't that we were allowed

It was that we had the technology to enrich it before anyone knew what we had.

The fact that we are dependent on the oil industry we created, until we have developed alternatives, we can't just walk out without becomming like Rural China.

REGULATED Militia.. we don't have that, we have threats of unregulated militias forming to fight in the name of the constitution and second amendments. I think we should get back, but it's like climbing a mountain.. we've done that in the oil and military.. so being on top, we become the target.. and people are tired of it, I'm tired of it, and want peace.. but like any mountain, no matter how hard it is to climb, it's how you climb down that is the hardest.

Stunt men are trained to fall, and Ron and Rand are training us how to fall.. or rather climb down so we don't get hurt.

Since the title of the post was changed I'm calming down now. LOL

And I will keep you abreast of what I see as pro civil war posts.