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Comment: Great Topic Mike! Can I call you Mike?!

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Great Topic Mike! Can I call you Mike?!

An investment has to give back. Gold and silver are not investments; they're hedges against inflation.

A fully paid for rental property that is cash flowing rent checks every month consistently is an investment...but only as good as your tenants and your ability to manage the property.

I like small businesses as investments for young people especially. They're fun, can be started on a shoe string budget, and young people can adapt to emerging technology.

I'm want to help you make your idea become a reality...From Concept to Customer. It's a concept I've been dreaming up. I'm not an expert and this, but I am an expert and learning. And I'm sure whatever the idea is, we can figure out how to make it.

That's the kind of investment I'm into...partnering with people who think like that to make things...any thing...everything.

We've been programmed to be good students, obedient to our employers. Wouldn't it be nice to send our kids to schools based on creativity, software, design, etc.

I would advise young people to find a regular job to fund your expenses and a side project that you have passion about, and that is practical, and can be made on a small budget. Start with a small idea for practice. You don't have to save the world with your product or service, just listen for that opportunity when someone says, "'d be cool if..." Just find that need in life that is not being fulfilled. Always be on the look out for a solution to a problem. Once you perfect that business, start another small business in a different market that also interests you.

My father always said, "you don't have to make a lot of money from one can make a little bit of money from a lot of places."

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!