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sanctions are a form of love. Toughens up the children. Like the 500,000 Iraqi children that died under sanctions. It's good for them. Helps them become strong. War is a good thing actually.

Once the childish Iranians grow up they will respect and appreciate us helping them to mature. And you, you are already mature. You know what is good for them. And if there is a God he listening to your arrogant words that make warmongers drunk and cajole and whoop for war. Die children die! It's good (says the devil).

sanctions are war.
the conservatives were against WW1, the liberal progressives were for it.
the old right was against WW2, the liberals were for it
the republicans were against korea and vietnam, the democrats were for those wars
Bush, Sr, the liberal eastern establishment repub was for war with Iraq, the dems pretended to object
Bush, Jr, the man George Will called "the most liberal most interventionist president in the history of the US" and the man Buckley accused of destroying conservatism was for endless war and the democrats joined him
libertarians and old right conservatives are against sanctions (war) on Iran and you are for them and defend Rand's "all options are on the table" when he is asked about preemptive war.

who's the damn liberal here?

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