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Comment: A Presidency denied!!

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A Presidency denied!!


Thank you for informing readers about this interesting development. However, I can't imagine this Supreme Court, or any of its predecessors, since 1937, really issuing any ruling which would be that controversial.

As we saw with many other Court rulings, they more-or-less go along with any program that will firstly enhance Federal power (over either the States or the People), and two, provide precedent for increasing government power--and lessening government responsibility--against the people on either State or Federal levels.

Even if (and it is a huge IF) the High Court rules against President Obama, he already has the statutory authority, validated by many rulings of both this Court and its predecessors, to ignore it!

Will a ruling against the President make a stir? I doubt it. Lord knows, the ruling over the 2000 election, invalidating the Florida electoral college and ceding the Presidency to Bush II didn't!

I should think that would have been more controversial than Obama being the President because of false, or even forged, papers.


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