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Comment: I've been telling everyone the following...

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I've been telling everyone the following...

...whenever the subject of Sandy Hook comes up:

1. When Obama back-peddled in his speech and talked about Aurora (an older event) rather than Sandy Hook when touching upon the topic of an assault rifle ban - that was an indication that certain aspects of the event were either embarrassing - or at the least didn't support the gun-control agenda.

2. Records and evidence-wise, we'll be told what to believe - while a court seals it all indefinitely hoping no one will notice - much like what happened at Columbine.

I will not be surprised one bit if come June or July, #2 happens. You just know almost without a doubt that there is recorded video and audio showing Lanza entering the office, marching down the hall - and more importantly what exactly the type of guns were used and what fire selection type was used. THAT will be the primary target of a court seal.


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