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YES HE DID and you know what?

People like me, who never dreamed of being a Republican, but joined the party, took a committee seat, became a delegate, and faced the Neocons, who were angling to out us, THOUGHT we could, "be like Ron Paul".. that we could vote for whoever we wanted. Loyalty oaths?? Ron Paul apprantly didn't have one, or no once cared.. but they sure cared about the loyalty oaths we took.. so what Rand did was WAKE US UP.. HELLO You signed a loyalty oath and they will OUT YOU.

So, Rand woke us up and we cooled it (stealth) to stay in, because it was clear to many of us, Ron Paul wanted this IN THE GOP.

Had Rand not made that annoucement, many of us would have been kicked out and never made it to Tampa.