Comment: WE did not. Why are we protecting their foreign assets.

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WE did not. Why are we protecting their foreign assets.

Why are taxpayers protecting the assets of foreign or international companies?

Why we fight, There are four goals oil companies have:

Control extraction/production

Control deliveries

Control distribution

Eliminate competition.

None of them do the consumer a whit of good.

So why should we pay for the privilege of paying a monopoly supplier too much for their product.

There is plenty of oil. Why did they want to take Iraq offline. Kuwait offline, Libya offline. Why do they want to take Iran offline. To create a Saudi monopoly?
During the early years 2002-2008 the strategy worked when priced in gold.

Then our war expenditures broke the economy and gasoline use plummeted. That means more wars to create more shortages to bolster the prices.

The free market can produce what government wars can't or won't. That is lower prices for consumers.

Governments fail. Markets come and go but tend to give consumers the most bang for their buck

Free includes debt-free!