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All this...

defending Rand because he mumbled something about "use diplomacy first to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons then if that fails all options on the table(attack Iran)" is just neocon nonsense!

Ron Paul said Iran has every natural right to have nuclear weapons! He said it DURING A NATIONAL DEBATE! Boldly!

Who the hell are we to tell them what weapons they can't have???? Are we EXCEPTIONAL god-like beings? We are just bullies earning all the hate against us.

We have no moral ground whatsoever to attack them to prevent them from developing technology even if we ask nicely first(diplomacy). NONE.

And further it is IMPOSSIBLE for Iran to prove they don't have or are not developing nuclear weapons. So this diplomacy first then all options on the table is a GUARANTEED WAR. Our Govt swore up and down Iraq had WMD's. They made up a series of lies about it. Millions of innocent people were killed and displaced!

You people make me want to go all Alex Jones! Raaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! :D

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