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So Basically What You Are Saying

is that we need to all lower ourselves to their standards and play along to get along? Ron Paul never did that and if he had he never would have started a revolution and awakening. He would have fallen by the wayside as just another fake hypocrite politician! Granger, please, don't fall into that trap! That is how it starts! If we start telling ourselves that it's okay to lie and cheat for the greater good then we are no better than those we oppose! I only believed in Ron Paul BECAUSE he never would bend! I don't CARE if he didn't get to be on top, he started something that nobody else could do! HE woke up people to the truth! He did it because he stayed constant! That is something that will grow and strengthen if we stay focused! It won't die away like so many things do. Rand doesn't have that power. I prefer to hold on to RON'S teachings not Rand's flip flopping politics!