Comment: I have never liked the LP...

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I have never liked the LP...

not for one hour of my so far five decades of life. Ancaps call me statist all the time. :)

The thought of Ayn Rand and her egoism makes me ill. And always has. Even in my yoot.

I'm a jeffersonian Old Right minarchist somewhat akin to anti-Federalists. No one was more virulently anti-Gary Johnson on this website than I. Search it.

I respect a lot of Rothbard's ideas and writings and his desire to form a coalition with the Old Right. I think anarchy is a utopian fantasy and that anarchy has zero power over organic local society.

I voted for Reagan. Neener neener. :p

Reagan didn't turn out as good as I hoped but he used the military the least of any prez in the 20th century and he gave mean speeches about smaller govt and govt getting out of our lives. He gets my props for all that.

The only significant issue I have ever disagreed with Ron Paul is "Audit the Fed". I believe it would be too wonky for the average person, their eyes would glaze over and they would not understand what it all meant. They wouldn't know that sending trillions of $'s overseas to foreign central banks is just a bad idea.

I have deep respect for the Constitution, local self-governance and State's Rights.

I am anti-abortion and pro-life.

I am for "politicians" who speak truth to power boldly without pulling punches and that gaining political offices without the critical masses of hearts and minds focused on the concepts of liberty to support the said office is a useless effort and would most likely just get Rand JFK'ed.

Bite me! :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~