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I never looked at college as the ticket to a career. I study what I love which is literature and economics. I never fooled myself into thinking I would get a job with those degrees. I have other skills to apply to the workforce. I also waited a while until I went to school because I think when you do go to college right out of high school you do tend to party more than study (we all do). I managed two Bachelors and I am almost done with my masters with only taking out $10,000 in loans and I have paid most of that back already. I did the rest with scholarships and testing out of credits.

I know you said you do not qualify for many scholarships, but if you have a few minutes check out some of these sites. You might have to look hard being that you "don't have a vagina" (as you so eloquently put it lol), but there are a lot of scholarships that are based on merit, and you can find some that work retroactively that allow you to pay off your loans.

College is not the most important thing in the world, and there are plenty of great paths you can take without it. If you want to get rid of some of your debt though, it might take a few essays (which I can absolutely edit for you if you need help) but you should be able to find a scholarship or 2 to take care of some of your loans.