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Comment: The founders would be just fine with 'em.

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The founders would be just fine with 'em.

Imagine for a second that the jungles of Viet Nam are the forests of N. America. Imagine that we are the Viet Cong. Now, imagine what would have happened if the Viet Cong didn't have their AKs. But they did and through strength in numbers, which we also have, they defeated a more advanced, better trained enemy. THAT's why we need assault rifles ... because one day WE might draw the ire of Uncle Sam.

The founders "gave" us the Second Amendment not for hunting or even for protection against another guy or burglar (those rights are so obvious that they probably wouldn't even have put the right to bear arms in the BoR if that's all it was about), but for protection against tyranny. This isn't guesswork, it's fact. They wrote/spoke on the topic. It's there for all to read.

I mean, do these people really think the founders used the number 2 spot on the BoR to remind us that we have the right to eat or protect our homes? That'd be like using the number 1 spot for "Congress shall make no law that would deprive people of air. The people shall breathe as much air as they need at all times. Well, lest they be dead. :-P"

Yes, the founders used smiley code.

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Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em