Comment: Think for Yourself. Question Authority...

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Think for Yourself. Question Authority...

One of the greatest things you can ever possibly begin to do for yourself is to use reason and logic to guide your decision-making process, and steer clear of making decisions based on things like emotion, religion, or dogma.

Learn, Always! Never think that you know everything, or that you know enough to make informed choices... there is ALWAYS room for learning.

Learn to do something valuable with you own 2 hands. I know people who earned a degree, and now are unable to do anything with it. Yet i can go anywhere in the country, probably in the world, and as long as i have some tools i can produce for myself. Short of a grid down scenario, there will always be work for electricians.... and during a grid-down collapse the need for people who can assemble off-grid systems will be even more valuable. The point is I determine my own future. I am not dependent on some corporation or on the government for a GD thing.

Live life on your own terms. Who gives a f*ck what anyone else thinks? I mean really, are they having to deal with your issues? Do what you want.

You only have today, so don't waste it. Tomorrow it'll be gone. enjoy this chance to be alive and breathing.

You are the embodiment of the universe acting out the second law of thermodynamics.... and the universe couldn't be wrong.

Think for yourself......Question authority...