Comment: Understand "intrinsic value"

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Understand "intrinsic value"

There are a few real NEEDS in life, most things are wants.
You need to eat - buy land and learn to raise food. Even if you don't have a big garden, at least grow a few things so you know HOW to garden - and have a supply of seeds always.
You need water - if you are connected to a city service, you are at their mercy. Have your OWN water supply.
You need air. Currently our atmosphere is being polluted, invest in the knowledge to cleanse yourself of the toxins in the air.
Beyond that, you are headed for "want" territory, so investments here are often where people get spend happy. If you drink coffee, invest in a bunch of green coffee beans and put them up. They keep forever, you will always have your coffee, and if SHTF you have barter "currency" that will bring a premium. Same for chocolate and tobacco.
I will put in a pitch for silver. Colloidal silver is easy to make, and can save lives in hard times. Have at least enough pure silver to make your own. Anything else you can afford to buy is silver that the war machine can't use.
Most importantly, invest in TIME with your FAMILY.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.