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You can keep an eye on us from a distance that way.
The dome came in under $500, although we did invest in a propane torch to do our own shrink wrap that I am not including in that. Our next big project is building the rocket mass heater, it will be posted on the meetup.
The system in the videos was about $50 for the hoophouse, $260 for the IBC tote and grow beds, then lights, heater, aquarium heaters and pumps... a lot of things we are engineering OUT of the next system that were expensive and made our power bill too high. We want to make this something poor people can do... like us... lol!
If you click "amommamust" on one of those videos, it will take you to my youtube channel where all my videos (that I did not accidentally delete) are. My camera slowly lost focus... I can relate to that some days... but I can't make more video at the moment. We hope to remedy that, but you know how it is... Buy a camera or buy parts for the dome?

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