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Comment: Do you understand how they set up "disabled" people?

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Do you understand how they set up "disabled" people?

One day, the way he made money was gone. POOF! The next day, as he lay in shock and depression, despair began to creep in... how would he pay the bills? Well, an angel showed up and got him on disability. Time goes by... he decides to look for a part time job, and finds out he can only make so much money or they will take his GUARANTEED income away. Or maybe he wants to start a business - same thing plus he has to buy licenses and such out of his measly disability check, not to mention that government regulations are likely to prevent him getting anything off the ground, and the IRS will eat his profits if he manages to make any.
When you take traumatized people and put them into the disability system, you trap them in a box. I agree the system needs fixed (as in, done away with) but to blame the people for not breaking out of it on their own is not fair. It is designed to keep them ensnared.

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