Comment: Don't listen when they tell you your idea is a bad one.

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Don't listen when they tell you your idea is a bad one.

When you get a breakthrough idea there's a good chance it's your own family that will tell you you are crazy. However if you succeed they will be the first ones there slapping you on the back, telling you they "always knew you were gonna be the one" and how they always believed in you.

Advice is something we ask for when we know what the right thing to do it, we just wish we didn't.

Most people don't know what faith is but they are expert at prayerfully considering their options.

Love isn't a reward so much as it's a sacrifice.

Make peace with your past as soon as you can and you will have more time for your future.

Never compare yourself to any living man (or woman I guess in the interests of gender parity). Some will always have more, some will always have less but the challenge will always be to be happy with who you are.

Preserve your honour at all costs especially in times of wealth. Money is spent and quickly leaves us. Everything we have can be taken, even those we love more than life itself. And that's when you really really really need your honour.

Business partnerships are very much like marriages. Perhaps that's why they tend to destroy each other. A good partnership contract has pretty much everything a good prenup has and more.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.