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Comment: It's all so pathetic ..

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It's all so pathetic ..

Following this over a long period of time is so sad.

Krugman is a character straight out of an Ayn Rand novel:

He's one of those intellectually bankrupt phonies that hang out at cocktail parties in a decaying society, where the simple truth is buried under the smothering self-centered myopic arrogance of the elites.

As we enter the final days of the collapse of Empire, Krugman is the supposedly "the best we've got" because our country has decayed so far that these are the people the establishment elevates up for the ignorant to follow.

This is why they gave him the Nobel prize. Not because he's an intellectual giant.

But rather because the puppet masters want a pied-piper that the ignorant masses will follow over the cliff. By giving him the "Prize" -- making him the "Lord of the Times Financial Section" -- these things 'brand' him as an 'expert' that the average and clueless with no foundation will take seriously.

"He must know what he's talking about. Because I sure as hell don't understand any of it". they think to themselves.

And when other people are in the room, they nod along with him as if they understand and agree with what he's saying. To make themselves appear to be 'with the program' and 'modern' and (aka not clueless and stupid with no intellectual foundation aka as they really are).

Meanwhile they don't understand a word of it.

This is his role. It's deliberate.

He's a plant, meant for stupid people that don't think for themselves or bother to do a shred of critical research or thought.