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Very nice article Blue Republic

Thank you for sharing that with me.

You bring up another interesting topic.. the argument over

Starve a cold feed a fever or
Feed a cold starve a fever.

I'm in the starve a cold feed a fever, because of exactly what you said about a fever /flu, when I too can not eat much, regurgitate or deficate and avoid eating to avoid either and or both. But if you don't eat, then you are rapidly losing the energy you need to heal.

Many disagree with me. And what's interesting is googling that and all the answers.. and while none agree with me.. I don't agree with any of their translations.. makes me think more about the death cult and it's advice..

I give myself complete freedom to break my fast if I am not doing well as I'm not in this to hurt myself. If it doesn't feel good, I'm not going to do it. I am not into pain.

Tumeric.. I began making and eating kitchari regularly when I got my diagnosis, and LOVE it.. matter of fact.. now that you've made me think of it.. it's how I'm going to clelbrak the end of my fast