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Comment: A few thoughts ...

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A few thoughts ...

(1) Yeah, it sucks that you have to even deal with this. We'll help out.

(2) Are the articles in question original works of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, or were they Associated Press articles? Would that make a difference in terms of rights to assign?

(3) Newspapers are quoted all the time. Is there a special exception to copyright law for quoting content from "recognized" media?

(4) Sounds like the newspaper and the company in question are engaged in a conspiracy to damage certain businesses, unless they sue EVERYBODY who uses LVRJ content. Why would they pick and choose WHO to sue if they are concerned about distribution of their content? In addition, if LVRJ is using a surrogate to do their dirty work, they may be open for a counter lawsuit.

(5) If someone other than the owner of a website is responsible for posting content, then would it be for a non-commercial purpose?

(6) In the future, you might consider turning the DP over to a non-profit entity that you control, so that it is for educational purposes, and the revenue is to further that purpose. At least, check into it.

(7) You can sign up to for a few bucks and get legal advice on various topics, and they might also be able to point you in the right direction.

(8) You might contact the Institute for Justices ( for their opinion.

(9) You could always try the Japanese-American card -- "Hey! It's racism!" Works for the liberals on numerous topis. LOL

(10) By the way -- if you haven't been served, then you haven't been sued. Yes, it is good to get out in front to plan your moves in case it goes forward. But keep in mind: It is illegal to THREATEN to sue someone if the person/entity making the threat has no intention of actually suing. This MIGHT be why you are hearing it from a third party rather than the party itself. Just a thought.

Keep us posted and let us know all the gory details of what those jerks are up to.