Comment: It ain't workin.

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It ain't workin.

Just went through tons of pages on the "originals" section and my post (as well as my others) aren't in there.

What the hell does it take to start a conversation on some real, non-gossip based, topics on this damn site?

I have tried titles of hope and one with controversial titles even, just to get someone to click on them. Each one dies on the vine and withers away, only to be replaced by "oh, look who said something" or "hey, let's rally for liberty". Mindless, inactive gossip. Sorry, for the negativity but I'm starting to get pissed here. I live, eat and breathe this stuff and just because I don't go around suggesting we band together in a small commune to verbally condemn TPTB, because I instead offer real solutions that take deep understanding to comprehend, for those reasons, no one reads them.

If your linking to DP Originals was working, wouldn't my post from yesterday show up or did you again make it vote dependent so that the one drive-by downvote knocked it into oblivion?

...unless this site is only to serve the popular people. :(