Comment: Wearing a gun everywhere you go is a good thing.

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Wearing a gun everywhere you go is a good thing.

You are protecting more than just yourself when you do this.

Criminals these days are REPEAT criminals. Many who are violent do it again and again precisely because they get away with it with just a slap on the wrist.

I wish there was a movement to walk the streets openly displaying rifles and shotguns.

I wish more people would at least carry a handgun like me.

I don't trust those who carry guns to make a living off of it (professional cops).

I prefer to see regular people displaying their own defensive measures openly and concealed.

There is nothing more reassuring than sitting down next to a nice stranger, starting up a talk about guns with them and then finding out that you are both packing concealed heat.

This is much more reassuring than a gang of 5-10 uniformed cops barging into a restaurant being loud and proud and acting as if they are the bogus "thin blue line" between you and certain death.

I have no use for those who tax me at the point of a gun when I have already provided for my own defense, thank you.