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Comment: Liberty Permaculture Farms

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Liberty Permaculture Farms

Books by Daniel Quinn, Kurt Vonnegut, Henry D Thoreau, Ayn Rand, and Terence Mckenna filled an intellectual void that was always present thanks to modern industrial collectivist culture. The Ron Paul experience has been exponentially interesting. I have mastered percussion, an art form I love but cannot make a living doing so I am learning another art form that I feel is more useful- permaculture. It was my opinion that living off grid on a farm and incorporating permaculture was the right thing to do. It's been a year since I began and I feel good about it.

At 26, my only regret is that I did not grasp my philosophical and intellectual preferences sooner. I would have apples and figs by now. When the food is under lock and key, permaculture is liberty.

My only advice is to enjoy yourself and as many other people, plants, animals, ideas, philosophies, and concepts as you can.

Thank you Michael for this thread and for hosting this gathering of intelligent minds called the Daily Paul.