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chili, cornbread, chicken broth

Chili w beans:
-(Night before) Sort out 4 cups of dry beans (i used pinto) for rocks and bad beans, put in a crock pot, add 8 cups of clean water and put on high for 8 hours or more, may need to add more water.
-In a large pot, brown whatever meat you want (2-3 lbs) (i used bison, you could even use chicken breasts if you want - just kinda saute in some fat or oil.) remove the meat reserving some fat, the bottom of the pan should have developed some nice 'fond' or bits of stuck on meat (not black).
- Chop 3 Bell Peppers (different colors prefered) 3 onions, (some jalepenos/ serranos if you prefer heat). sorta sweat that in the reserved fat and fond until softens ((if you drained the meat then just add some saved bacon grease, lard rendered in a crockpot from 'fatback' or 'salt pork' (not the tub of hydrogenated junk), or oil/butter)). Add several cloves of minced garlic.
- add spices and cook them for a minute (this'll go ahead and help clear out your nasal passages). I used Mostly cumin and paprika with a little cayenne and chili powder (i feed small children who don't appreciate that flavor - i sacrifice and add a little hotsauce to my bowl). You will probably add mostly chili powder, grnd cumin, cayenne. then a bit of salt, oregano, maybe some cilantro. (grow an herb garden). stir it into the onions and cook a minute or two.
- this is where I add my chicken broth and tomato sauce and meat and beans. i do the chicken broth first to help deglaze the fond up.
You decide the ratio of liquids, but I tend to go something like 1/3 broth, 1/3 tomato sauce, 1/3 bean water (from the crockpot of soaked beans). a dash of baking soda at the end can cut the acidity of using a lot of tomatoes.
- once all ingredients are introduced, let them get to know each other for at least an hour or two, simmering.
serve with cornbread, instead of corn chips.

Cornbread: i use hodgson mill flour and cornmeal (
Dry Ingr:
1.25 C cornmeal
.75 C cornmeal
.125 C sugar (1/8)
1 t salt
2 t B powder
.5 t B soda

Wet Ingr:
(first make buttermilk by pouring just under a cup of milk, then add a splash of vinegar to the one cup line, let it work for a minute or three. it will sour the milk up and be great)
1 cup buttermilk (above)
.333 cup milk
2 eggs
3 T butter (reserve some for pan(s))
(you really need to get yourself several cast iron skillets, or muffin pans,)
heat the pans in the preheating oven at 375 while mixing ingredients, take them out and pour in some of that butter to slick em up. pour in your batter (should be hot enough to give off a little sizzle when hitting the pan).
put in the oven at 375 for about 20 minutes.

Chicken broth:
I buy whole chickens, bring them home, cut them all up and portion the meat for whatever I'm planning during the week(put in bags/freeze/fridge) I save backbones and wing tips and ribs if i am needing boneless breasts in its own bags for making stock (freeze/fridge).
-1 back of a chicken and a couple wings
-1 onion (no need to chop small, quartered is fine (you can even leave the brown skin on to add a little color to the broth (might wanta rinse first)
- 2 celery stalks, rinsed and cut into chunks.
- a carrot or two chopped roughly
- 5-10 whole peppercorns (whole so they can be strained out later)
- as much clean water as the amount of broth you want.
- maybe add a bay leaf or something. or not...
add it all together, bring to a light boil and continue a light simmer for anywhere from 2-12 hours. If you go for the longer times (you should) you'll need to add more water every once in a while. as its getting up to its initial boil it will produce a foam that i skim off.
Let cool, get a good fine strainer that fits in the mouth of your jar and ladle through. (don't get so nitpicky that you consider using a coffee filter, not worth it) pour into old glass jars with tight lids and let cool, put in the fridge. If you let it sit still the fat will rise and create a nice little seal at the top of the jar. probably keeps over a week and a half if you ask me but I never get that far before its eaten.
This is in like every meal I make, very easy and I make it once a week.