Comment: and the tyranny will STOP...

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and the tyranny will STOP...

...once the legislators see the "sea of people marching", and especially when they go back and crunch the numbers, and determine only a single-digit minority showed up; same as at the ballot box.

Rally after rally after rally after rally...and things have only gotten WORSE!!!

Same results for Christian K-Street pro-family lobbyists and talk radio who suck money from unsuspecting Christian conservatives, and abortion and homosexuality are PUBLIC POLICY like never before.

We best GUARD, and spend wisely our dwindling resources! Our Time, Talent, and Treasures applied WISELY - with a PURE heart towards God and our posterity - could change this country, and bring judgement upon EVIL!

God raised up Ron Paul, Ron Paul gave us a message - heed the message, and consider well the PROPER and profitable course of action to effect an actual change.

If you have the disposable income to attend, then do so; but, work on the ONLY path to Liberty short of civil war; Statesmen need to replace Statists in representative government - flag waving, filling the mall in Washington D.C., changes NOTHING!

I'm torn on the benefits of EXPENSIVE rallies and conferences! "illusion of freedom" comes to mind. More people should speak face-to-face; so, smaller get-togethers; sharing information with speakers, Q & A, that is more profitable....but we need solutions, not just an emotional charge.