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Comment: Like many, I am not holding my breath, either ... BUT ...

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Like many, I am not holding my breath, either ... BUT ...

... what a lot of people are overlooking is the fact that the SCOTUS did NOT have to put the case on the docket AT ALL.

THAT is what makes me say ... WTF???

The way it works is, there are thousands of cases each year that are appealed to the SCOTUS. At least one justice has to recommend the case go to conference to be reviewed by all the justices. Only a hundred or so cases are scheduled for conference each year. The VAST MAJORITY of cases are just denied without comment. That is the EASY way out.

But they did NOT do this. So, this case goes to conference. They will ALL talk about this case and the others and they will decide on a few dozen that they will actually hear in the upcoming season. Those will be put on the calendar to be heard sometime over the next few months, with a decision coming over the next several weeks after that.

At the VERY LEAST, we will KNOW FOR CERTAIN that all of the Supreme Court justices KNOW that Barry has engaged in fraud to get where he is.

Sure, they can turn it down once in conference. They need FOUR (not five) justices to put it on the calendar. They could also put it on the calendar and then exonerate Barry 100%.

They could do A LOT of things. BUT, BUT, BUT ... they did NOT have to even let it get this far. And yet, they did.

So, I say ... WTF?

Interesting to hear the crickets chirping from the Mainstream Media (aka Propaganda Media) regarding this case -- only the most important case in our lifetime.

Wait! What??? Beyonce was lip syncing? Hey, I gotta go ...