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Comment: Trends and Other Things

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Trends and Other Things

Be aware of current trends and read and follow the Trends Journal and Gerald Celente. I find that he is on the mark for the most part and not missing many points in his analysis. I will then look for stocks that are involved in or connected to a particular trend and work the analysis of where they might be going in the near future.

Secondly, I never carry less than a couple of $20 dollar bills and I never spend less than a $20 bill on any item. For example, if I buy a $1.45 item I tender a $20. The entire amount of change from such a purchase is put into my big plastic jar that I've had for many years. When I get enough saved up, and this happens quite quickly, I send a check to my brokerage and invest additional sums in the stocks I have that are doing well and for any stocks that I think will do well from the trend analysis.

Invest in gold and silver as you can. Buy/trade for junk gold and silver.

Dumpster dive. I done this in the past (too old now) and have walked away with some very good furniture and other things of value that I eventually sold. I never found that million dollar lost painting though. Some ardent fans of the practice make a fairly good living collecting and selling steel, aluminum, copper and other items they find by the road side the day before trash collection day. It's amazing the "trash" people get rid of that has significant, payable cash value.

This has worked for me, it may work for you, too.