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I don't completely understand your fear

Regarding healthcare choices. Are you saying that you fear harm coming from someone knowing which insurance you have? Or are you saying that you fear harm coming from the government knowing your personal health status? Or otherwise?

While I don't see a "top level" issue there, I'm more than willing to discuss it further as it leads to other topics and thus to other solutions. Personally, I think the insurance companies, banks and government benefit more from it being kept private. Public discussion of hidden costs cannot happen when specific examples are kept private. Public outrages over disparities in coverage vs. cost are also kept from taking place. My ultimate suggestion on solving the whole healthcare issue is to gather 10 million people, pool 10k each to start and 20k more over 20 years to pay off (in full) their share in a pooled Aflak style, roving, peer appropriated and preventative insurance system. Yes, the number work out and do so better as more people join.

In reference to firing Congress 'all at once', please see my post ( on uniting people behind some solutions. It's a bit long but it explains very well how we can chip away at the banking monopoly over all industry/media/government in such a way that the more success it gets, the more powerful it makes future chips. As you can see, I don't see that we have to have a solution that does all this stuff all at once. We just have to have our solutions compound their future success on past ones in a positive feedback sort of way.