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Comment: Music has always been my

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Music has always been my

Music has always been my passion. I played piano since early childhood, and was surrounded by musicians in my family. I had a lot going for me at a young age, but a lot changed when my parents split. I'm not here to write a sob story, but it did affect my emotional state and decision making through middle school and high school. Without any real guidance from my parents, I let the public school system get to me. Basically following my passion was not smart they told me. Something practical like the sciences or business was a far more prudent approach to starting a career, such a stock response from counselors and teachers. To make a long story short...I started studying business after high school while teaching piano on the side to pay for tuition never realizing it was piano that was making me happy not business. I took a couple jobs in sales and was never more miserable. One day I decided to take a leap of faith and start teaching full time. I now have close to 40 students, and perform on the side. This life choice led to the meeting of another musician who is now my fiancé. She teaches as well. To sum things up....follow your passion. I credit Ron Paul for introducing me to liberty and the philosophy of self determination. If I had joined the collective, who knows where I would be right now. I truly believe the universe will make a path for you if you put yourself out there, believe in yourself and dedicate yourself to your craft. It takes a leap of faith, but you'll be better for it.