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It's important

It's important to realize that, while Rand is clearly the best Senator, and it's not even close, he is not infallible and often takes non-libertarian positions.

It's equally important to point this out and make clear what the true libertarian position should be on these issues. For those of us who wish to advance the ideas of liberty it is very important to clearly define what that means.

If people confuse Rand's non-libertarian positions with liberty and libertarianism, it can do harm to the advancement of true libertarian principles .

Ron Paul took a true libertarian position on nearly everything. This is why he was so effective at communicating the ideas - consistency.

It is not "hating" or "bashing" to point thus out. In fact it is the duty of libertarians to thoroughly vet and critique all leaders / politicians , ESPECIALLY those seen as "libertarian".

Wenzel is dead on.
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