Comment: Definitely propaganda. I saw

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Definitely propaganda. I saw

Definitely propaganda. I saw that Beyonce is singing at the Super Bowl too. Did anyone see the video she did last year on the "United Nations World Humanitarian Day"? I noticed that the major network that covers the Rockin' New Year's Even in Times Square was playing music videos that night from the year and that was the first time I had seen it. It starts off with shots of the United Nations logo and video of Beyonce singing at the UN. Kind of made me ill. I haven't been a fan of her's since. Interesting on the possibility of threats to have Sandy Hook kids entertaining because Beyonce's involvement may have been part of that as well. I don't put it beyond the federal govt. to get involved in anything nowadays just because they know there is a lot of viewership. Can't even watch a Super Bowl anymore without propaganda and politicizing it.