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It's more about this one:

It's more about this one:

"Or are you saying that you fear harm coming from the government knowing your personal health status?"

But that's not all of it.

See, I could elaborate at lengths on what a full blown socialist healthcare system brings to a society, on many levels. But your topic is privacy, so we'd end up digressing fairly.

We can stick to the bottom line: this sort of scheme, where you, as an individual, surrender on privacy rights that you ought to keep unaltered... it's just A PATH.

It's a path on ENDORSING the state to manage all of it, eventually. You end up surrendering ON THE MANAGEMENT of the entire thing to the state. You have become just another number in their spreadsheets. Then, they will start to try "optimize" the costs on your behalf ... and the very bottom line is: it doesn't work.

Because the overall friction induced by the bureaucrats' "management" lead unavoidably to always more costs, more burden that they put on everybody AND everything to (try) fix up the budget failure of the year before. It just DOES NOT work.

In France, your employer, over the years, has increasingly paid ever more taxes to contribute to your healthcare. So have you. Your employer has also increasingly paid ever more taxes to contribute to "the fight against poverty". So have you. More taxes for the elders' healthcare AND retirement (never mind yours, by the time you'll get there, everything of the assets to fund yours will be gone already). We even have a tax "to fight against unemployment" and "help reinsertion of the poor into the society" (CSG)[1]. The income tax, obviously. The TV tax. You HAVE to disclose to the government that you have a TV, because there is a tax for that. Yes, no kidding[2] Etc. etc.



The privacy topic is important ALSO because of a facet of the redistribution moral hazard you may or may not have thought of, but that I LIVED : it's an implicit ENDORSEMENT thru your daily life while dealing with your pharmacist, doctors, etc. that you have surrendered on managing YOURSELF how to take care of YOURSELF ... to the state.

You can generalize it to other topics. Banking for instance. In France, if you had some (very) bad credit history, the government central bank itself can force ANY and ALL of the private banks that you have or you try to deal with, to disclose ALL OF your banking history, income and spendings on to them. The central bank has a central file of all the people that are not allowed any longer to open any new account at a private bank until the state decides so.

Sorry the page is in French only:

Thus, this privacy issue is only the first shared facet in line of fire, for many dimensions of the surrendering this or that of your life ... to the state. That would be great if that could ever be economically defensible, but the fact is it is systematically economically disastrous in the end.

Let alone the "freedoms" (in the strict sense of free-will for action/choices) which are also gone, of course. You have struck out those long ago by then.

Once you allow the state to know THIS or THAT about you, they will find whatever "reason" to manage it and tax it "for the greater good of the majority" (or this or that "protected group").

I am not saying that ANY and ALL state-initiated regulations are bad, intrinsically. But everything I have pointed out above is definitely, observably:

what YOU DO NOT WANT for the USA.


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