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Comment: Some ideas

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Some ideas

Two things you might want to consider doing. Having savings and having cash flow.

Cash flow can be anything - from running a successful business to asking for it (kickstarter). Either way you want the cash to flow. Continuously. Without having to do much effort. This will keep you making money and fast. Having a job or running a self employer isn't cash flow - once you stop working so does the cash flow. So, you can rent something out, have someone in debt to you that pays you interest, receive royalties to something you did creative. The cash flow shouldn't stop and that is the idea.

You can rent out all kinds of things. Cars, houses, tools... even shares (option trading). Holding investments is fine for making cash but it's not cash flow. So rent them out if you can. You can still own them this way. Don't just hold stock, 'rent' it out. Don't just hold an investment property - lease it out. If you're not leasing out you're doing it wrong.

Having your own business that runs itself is good too. If you can have multiples of these not only are you employing lots of people and providing the community with jobs but the more you have the more cash flow to you.


The other thing is savings. Have what you have saved in a variety of investments. Own silver and gold, because they can't be forged, manufactured (from anything other than the element itself), destroyed (unless you go Goldfinger on it and make it radioactive), counterfeited and so on. To devalue it they are going to have to mine more of it and that isn't cost affective for them to do.

Buy some land, commercial and private. Create a business that runs itself that holds value. And so on. Diversify. Buy some art, antiques, collectables - anything that another person considers valuable and will want even in the worst of times.

Lastly none of this will be of any use to you unless you can have self discipline. Looking sharp isn't the same as being wealthy. Be wise with your money, you don't have to prove to everyone how rich you are by buying a suit. They'll respect you even in rags when you're filthy rich. Not that you want to impress them anyway. You're above that.